Rock Chick Laptop

11 December 2007


Yellow Volkswagen bus is driving alongside deserted Californian road on a sunny August evening. Inside, quiet guitar music is coming from the backseat. A couple is sleeping on the front bench. A dark-haired girl is chewing on a dried orange peel, sitting by the side mirror and looking ahead, out of the window, her hair flopping against the bus side, wind forcing tears out of her eyes. Sex, drugs and rock&roll generation did never tell us when was the moment when true rock and roll died.

Digitalised, automated, copy and paste music of today will never have the girl with an orange peel smile again. She knows that all that will be ever played have all been played before. Technology is just a new reflection on the other side of the same coin that is being tossed again and again.

Yet again, laptop concept has been turned inside out to create a Soundgate laptop, made specifically for musicians. It can be used both as a laptop, a note stand prompting sheet music and lyrics, a metronome, a recorder and a lot more. Link below has a video that gives a good impression of what it is capable of. A rock chick of a laptop, all it hopes for is a free spirit strong enough to carry it.

Via Yanko Design

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