UK Online Laptop Shops – Price Comparison

20 March 2008

There are lots of user guides, manuals and forums on how to buy a laptop. If you have already been there and know what you need now is the time to know where to get it.

We have selected three laptops for our price comparison study- one portable, one standard size, and one desktop replacement laptop. We have decided to stick with popular, mainstream machines, to make sure that all the retailers have it in stock.

Slick Sony Vaio TZ21MN/N represents the traveller’s choice. Mainstream group is behind HP 6715S, a perfect laptop for general home, business and educational use. And home media centres have delegated ASUS W2W with its good multimedia credentials and high performance.


We manually scanned prices of ten top UK online laptop retailers. We have not taken into account eBay, the obvious choice for best prices, but also the one with the risk of scam and patchy customer service. Then, we have put the aggregate rank for each seller taking into account prices and delivery charges (next day/regular). The lower is the rank the better are the average prices.


As you can see, there is no clear monopolist and we have different winners in each category, but Laptops Direct seems to head the list. However, with numerous special offers and extras given along with your purchase, and with prices constantly changing, it would be worthwhile checking several online laptop shops.

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