Crystals Are Laptop’s Best Friends

29 January 2008

If one is to name a purely girlish laptop, they probably think of Apple iBook Tangerine or Sony Vaio VGN-C290 Pink. A red, green or yellow Dell Inspiron 1720 will do as well. Strange though it may seem, the colour may be more important for a girl than technical features, and laptop manufacturers have been making use of it, offering more nicely-coloured laptops each year.


NEC said no to this colourful tactic by launching a new Hello Kitty laptop, which, however, exploits another soft spot voiced by Marilyn Monroe: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friends”. Well, NEC’s “diamonds” are not actually diamonds, these are Swarovski Crystals, but they have their magnetic force, too. Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but blondes will certainly prefer shiny laptops. So it seems that at the moment only NEC knows how to entice girls from Apple and Sony, just like Daniel Swarovski is the only one who knows how to turn a strass into a sparkling crystal.

Source: FarEastGizmos

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